Our desire, beyond written words, is that you will find what you need to educate yourself on eating a certain way to help you or someone close to you stop having seizures. Our deepest heartfelt wish, is that we would of had a website like this one when Carley was diagnosed with epilepsy and medication did not work for her.
We will dedicate the rest of our lives helping others to understand dietary therapies. This will forever honor our beautiful, vibrant daughter, Carley, who had so much living to do!

Now, we are going to do it for her! Education is the key. We always told Carley, it was like a battle in a boxing ring, her against epilepsy. She beat it and now, Mom, Dad, and her two brothers have stepped in the ring. We will never stop, we can’t.


Meet Carley Eissman

Here’s the Carley Carbless Kitchen @ USC

Meet Our Dietitian, Jessica