The global active pharmaceutical ingredient market has grown rapidly because of the increasing cases of chronic infections and diseases around the globe.

The emergence of different types of diseases has triggered intensive research which has made the market to grow drastically in an effort to come up with new drugs. Due to this growth, the pharmaceutical manufacturing market has been divided into different segments depending on different factors as outlined below.

The first segmentation of the active pharmaceutical ingredient market is on the basis of type. Here, the market is segmented into two parts; that is innovative and generic APIs. On the basis of type of synthesis, this global market can be divided into different segments of synthetic and biotech APIs. North America is one of the dominant continents in the active pharmaceutical ingredient market, with the United States scooping the majority of shares.   

Other segmentations of the global API market is as follows; by the process of manufacturing we have contract manufacturing and captive manufacturing. On the basis of Geography, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world. The global active pharmaceutical ingredient market segmentation by therapeutic area is distinguished by cardiovascular disorders, oncology, NSAIDS, Neurological Disorders, musculoskeletal and other therapeutics uses. The last segmentation is group on the basis of drug type. The proceeding sub-segments of this segment include; branded prescription drugs, OTC prescription drugs and generic prescription drugs.

The above is a simple outline of how the global API market is segmented. More details on the sub-segments can be obtained from different health journals or e-books on the internet. The Transparency Market Research is an intelligence company that generally deals with market surveys. This company has a better hand in determining the trends that govern the API market.


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