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The technique of manufacturing which aims to move one unit in each step of a process, rather than treating units as batches for each step is known as Continuous Slow process.

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Oil refining, power stations, natural gas processing, almost all of the heavy processing units work on this principle.

This process has empowered us to create new preparative ways that are designed to ensure the success rate of the process and manufacture.

The main advantages of using flow _c17a43f2_ to produce active pharmaceutical ingredient is:

  • Easy and fast customization of flow reactors to meet specific demands
  • Safer and more reliable transformation of relatively hazardous chemicals
  • Direct analysis and purification methods can be applied thus creating a more aerodynamic and information augmented reaction sequence

Flow chemistry has developed from a pioneering synthesis concept for refining chemical synthesis to a strong and extensively useful tool box permitting the effective many step synthesis of a number of Active pharmaceutical ingredient. Whilst the original developments came mainly from academic proof of concept studies the swift uptake and disclosure of flow syntheses has now produced enough knowledge and equipment to execute any possible flow synthesis.

This has resulted in linking of continuous production with medication formulation, in-line purification and biological components. Various regulatory authorities like FDA have fully advocated the use of continuous flow process in production of active pharmaceutical ingredient and it is estimated to increase from 5% to 30% in next few years. However it is still required to bridge the gap between academic groups and industrial campaigns regarding flow approaches.

We can expect a continuing progress in this area and the constant production of APIs must be a regular practice than a fresh start. Active pharmaceutical ingredient is very much important in the pharma industry that helps to make medications for all kind of healing and curing diseases.


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