Despite the significant growth of the Pharmaceutical industry, the API companies have been greatly affected for lack of api expertise.

This problem has led to reduced production of essential active pharmaceutical ingredients that are effective in the production of medicines. Continents like Europe, America and Asia have gone a notch higher to introduce programs aimed at improving the skills of API manufacturers. It is so unfortunate that some of the developing and underdeveloped countries do not have these training programs. This has made them to entirely depend on western countries for synthesis.

Tim Jamison, a professor of chemistry, who has earned the title of api expert for his intensive research in pharmaceuticals, claims that early adopters to new technology drive towards change. Without the existence of api expertise in a pharmaceutical organization, then there will be no development in the drugs produced.Laboratory bottles

API synthesis does not just happen easily like walking in the park. It needs a lot of commitment, willingness to follows rules and regulations and the most important thing is api expertise. Flow of chemistry is one of the most beneficial strategies that can be implemented for small-molecule API. But the lack of api expertise hinders the implementation of this technology. Currently flow chemistry is not taught in most of the universities. This clearly shows that there will be lack of expertise in this area. It is therefore a call to all experts who have this knowledge to rise up, take the wheel and impact this knowledge into as many pharmacists as possible.

Lack of expertise can lead to production of poor APIs. Which can in turn lead to development of inferior quality medicines. Therefore pharmaceutical organizations should initiate training programs that will reinforce the skills of their staff.  


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