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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients is the ingredient that is biologically active used in producing drugs.

There are two parts for making drugs, active and inactive ingredients. The inactive ingredients are called excipient, it should be biologically safe as it is just the substance inside a drug; if the drug is in syrup the excipient is liquid. Active pharmaceutical ingredients are widely used even way back 1800, we can assume that when chemists started the production of synthetic organic chemicals and by then they gave way to pharmaceutical industry to rise then the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients also paved way.

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Strength of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Manufacturers have a certain standard in making sure that the active pharmaceutical ingredient has the right component to be used in a drug. However as the time goes by different manufacturers have risen and some expanded to different countries as well, the standard now differs from those manufacturers and some even cost cut to gain more

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profit differing the standard of strength of an active pharmaceutical ingredient inside a drug depending on the brand. It is also essential that the active pharmaceutical ingredients go through the standard set by FDA to ensure high quality. So even though there are a lot of manufacturers who produce drugs and even though they have different standards now and they undergo different process they still have to be FDA approved before an active pharmaceutical ingredients be released.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in Herbal Medicine

It is thought that API in herbal medicine are prone to bad quality and expected to have lesser strength than of an active pharmaceutical ingredient inside a non-herbal drug. There are different APIs in a herbal medicine and it is thought that the result of it does not equate to the full property of an active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most common vitamins known to people aside from vitamin D and vitamin E. Vitamin C, popularly known as ascorbic acid, can be found in many food sources largely from fruits. Its active pharmaceutical ingredients can prevent respiratory, heart, and skin problems in general. But it is most known for preventing problems in the respiratory.

Before, there were less accounts of vitamin C benefits but nowadays, its active pharmaceutical ingredients are being studied and showed a lot more of diseases that they can prevent.

Vitamin C Daily Dose

It has been said that the daily dose of Vitamin C that people need is 500mg, and we get this from fruits and vegetables. But since vegetables and fruits are not regularly part of our diet, taking vitamin C is safe for us to achieve the daily dose we need for our body. There are a lot more we can get from vitamin C that can spare us from different diseases like:

  • cancer
  • stroke
  • immune system issues (not only cough and colds)

Aside from all these, the active pharmaceutical ingredients of vitamin C can also be used for aesthetic purposes. It can enhance hair growth and skin elasticity. It reduces signs of aging and help individuals achieve a state younger than their actual age.  

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Active pharmaceutical ingredients of vitamin C can be easily found in our daily food intake. If only we are keen enough, we’ll get the desired dose daily without even exerting too much effort for it. The sources of this vitamin are within reach. You do not have to go far just to have dose of it. Most of the time, you see this on your table in most of your meals but you are not just particular to comply with the daily dose so you don’t mind.

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