blood disorder

High potency iron therapy is used when a particular patient has lowlevels of iron in their blood.

for example, a blood disorder like anemia or while pregnant.Iron is important in that it boosts the body’s need to enhance red blood cell formation needed to promote continued health.

How to use High Potency Iron

It is important that all directions on the product package be followed. In many cases, your doctor may order certain blood tests to determine if you actually have a blood disorder or a problem related to the development of red blood cells in your body. It is recommended that youtake high potency iron as directed by your physician.

High potency iron works best when takenin a reasonable time period before or after a meal. If you develop a sour stomach, you can take high potency iron immediately before eating. There are different dosing guidelines for liquid high potency iron in infants and children.Do not use Medical products, coffee, tea, dairy, or acid reducers 2 hours prior to and after taking high potency iron as the efficacy will decrease.

Tablets or capsules should be taken with an 8 ounce glass of water or another route as directed by your physician. Try not to lie flat for a short time after taking high potency iron.

Swallow extended-release tablets or capsules without splitting them. It is recommended not to chew or crush extended-release capsules or tablets as this will cause immediate administration of the entire drug with an increased risk for complications severe enough to be seen by your physician.

Maintaining the level of red blood cells in pregnancy

If you are using the liquified suspension form of high potency iron, be sure to shake the bottle vigorously before taking it.

If high potency iron is used by adults, the dose should be measured with a specialized dispensing device or a specific spoon. To receive the correct dose, do not use a kitchen spoon as this may result in an incorrect dose. It is recommended you drink the high potency iron in the delivery device with a straw to avoid tooth staining.

If an infant or child is being given high potency iron, use the provided delivery device to accurately measure the dose. The medication should be given in the mouth all the way to the back of the tongue. For infants, the high potency iron should be administered by mixing it in the baby’s formula but not in milk. It may be combined with a variety of different foods depending on the child’s tolerance for medication acceptance. It is recommended high potency iron be used immediately after eating. Follow the instructions on the package or, better yet, establish the recommended dose with your doctor.

Side Effects

Abdominal pain is a common side effect

Stomach cramps, diarrhea, upset stomach, and constipation could occur in some individuals. These side effects are normally temporary and disappear as you acclimate to the intended effects of the high potency iron. If any of these side effects continue or get worse, please contact your physician.

Any iron supplement may cause black stools as a benign expected side effect. Again, if this persists, please consult your physician.

If you received this high potency iron from your physician, its risk/benefit ratio has already been determined with the benefits outweighing the risks. Most people using high potency iron have few or no side effects.

It is rare that high potency iron causesa serious allergic complication. However, if this reaction occurs (itching, swelling of the face, tongue, or throat, rash, trouble breathing, or severe dizziness) it is important that you see your physician immediately.

This list of some side effects is incomplete. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your physician.

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